Centrotec HSS Twist Drill Bits

Select a Size: 3.0 mm
Sale price$17.00


Precision-ground HSS steel stays sharp longer for precise hole drilling and a long service life.

  • Tip grind and flute design are ideal for drilling into wood, metal and plastics
  • Compatible with Centrotec and 3-jaw chucks.
  • Includes 3mm HSS Spiral drill bits, and a reusable Centrotec shank for fast, efficient and precise drilling.
  • The Festool Centrotec System is designed to deliver a better transfer of force between the drill and the bit, with no chance for bit slippage or marring of the drill bit.
  • The Centrotec Chuck design enables a full 1/2 pound reduction in weight, and reduces the overall length, or clearance, by nearly 1-1/2 inches.
  • The quick-change Centrotec system delivers a faster, more efficient means of changing bits and driver tips than any keyless chuck system, and virtually eliminates run out.
  • Store in a Bit Holder Insert for the ultimate organization.

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