Katanaboy Large Folding Saw

Title: Katanaboy Large Folding Saw
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Worlds Largest Folding Saw!

Two-handed, professional, heavy-duty folding saw with a 650mm blade. Can easily compete with a chainsaw! Compared with the Katana, the legendary Japanese samurai sword, it is the largest folding saw on the market today. The long, well-balanced, taper-ground blade with an impulse-hardened, non-set tooth design provides extended working reach, faster cutting and handles large limbs and trunks with no effort. The non-slip, two-handed, rubberized cushioned handle provides a sure and comfortable grip even in the most difficult operating conditions. Suitable for serious tasks like cutting large timber and tree trunks. Exceptional design, strength, balance and superior finish quality. Comes with a sturdy nylon shoulder bag with Velcro fastening and a pocket for replacement blades.

Ideal for forestry and arborist applications.

Key Features:
650 mm blade length
1,470 mm overall length
800 mm folded length
4 teeth per 30 mm teeth configuration
1270 grams weight
Comes with black carrying case made of strong synthetic fiber
Security screw protects against accidental opening or closing of the blade
Product applications include pruning & trimming, lawn & garden, construction
Limited lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship

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