SYS-MFT FX Clamping Systainer Set

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  • Simple clamping and securing of workpieces with a wide variety of sizes, shapes and thicknesses with four different stops. Saves time and provides flexibility.
  • Lever clamps with solid steel design for clamping workpieces on the Festool Mobile Workshop  in a horizontal position using the perforated board or in a vertical position using the V-groove of the MFT profile.
  • Low-profile stops for particularly flat workpieces such as 1/4" or 1/2" material. This enables these workpieces to be securely processed right up to the edge, for example during sanding.
  • MFT-SP clamping elements for clamping all workpieces, including round workpieces.
  • Small stops in a knob shape: These are inserted into the perforated board of the MFT, and provide a firm hold on an extremely wide variety of workpiece shapes for processing.
  • A perfect part of the system: The SYS-MFT fixing set provides even greater versatility for the MFT, which was already probably the most flexible workbench in the world, and provides a crucial improvement for the range of applications possible in day-to-day.
  • Always organized: All parts of the SYS-MFT fixing set are securely housed in the SYSTAINER. This means that the SYS-MFT fixing set is compatible with the entire Festool Systainer system – easy to connect and transport.


  • (2) FS-HZ 160 Quick Lever Clamps, 491594
  • (2) MFT-SP Clamping Elements, 488030
  • (4) Clamping Elements Knobs
  • (4) Small Dog Stops
  • (2) Low-Profile Dog Stops / Bars
Works with Festool MFT tables, MFT Systainers, or other bench with 20mm hole on 32mm centres and Festool Mobile Workshops.
Very Limited quantities available. Order Now.

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